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I am a fine art photographer using film and digital photography for my art. My choice of medium depends on the subject, what I am trying to communicate in my piece and even my mood at the time.

As a child I assisted my father, in astro-photography. Viewing and taking photos of the stars and planets taught me not only about photography but also about science and nurtured my curious mind.
I attended Manhattan's School of Visual Arts, where I was also immersed in the city's extensive culture as well as its historic and contemporary art scenes.
My subjects and interests are varied and so too, my art which includes dance, silhouettes, stylized portraits, whimsical animals, seashore and more. Through the language of art I'm trying to express my passion for this world, this life, and hopefully make a connection to make you pause, feel, think, or laugh.

Thank you very much for taking the time to view my work.

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